Keep Calm and Carry on – Ambergate Carnival 9th July 2016

keep calm

There have been a few changes to plans due to the appropriately “Best of British” weather. The Rec where we have been holding the carnival is water logged and the decision was taken that it could not be used for the carnival this year. This set off a deluge (pun intended) of work to try and find an alternative and luckily we have! there is still a lot of work to do to move locations and get the field ready but we are confident it will proceed. We are moving to a feild owned by the Litchfield Group {many thanks to them}, a location where the carnival has been in the past when it was a social club for the village.

The locations pages have been updated here

We have unfortunately decided to cancel the Friday night event in order to concentrate on getting everything ready for the Saturday.

Sadly the procession will not be able to go through the main village and will be shorter than normal but hopefully your support and the concentration of support will create a fantastic atmosphere.

The weather is looking hopeful but I don’t want to tempt fate – fingers crossed everyone


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