Keep Keeping Calm and Carry on …. Location Change – Ambergate Carnival 9th July

keep calm

The week running up to carnival is proving a testing time. The alternative field which we had identified and a significant amount of work had gone into preparing can, unfortunately, not be used.

The last minute changes to plans due to the state of the Rec. meant there was not sufficient time to get our entertainment licenses and permissions changed. I understand there have also been objects raised about the new location. Both of these lead us to conclude we cannot use the replacement field.

This leaves the only option to revert back to the Rec.

Whilst the water logging in the centre is bad the committee are confident there is sufficient area remaining on the rec to still proceed. Some of the layouts will have to change but it was great to see everyone pull together and look at how we can still put on a great carnival and after party. We look forward to seeing you all there and making this a great event.

The locations pages have been updated here [Again]

We have unfortunately decided to cancel the Friday night event in order to concentrate on getting everything ready for the Saturday.

The weather is looking hopeful but I don’t want to tempt fate – fingers crossed everyone

Location Change


  • d. mclaren

    The rec is NOT suitable as its too water logged, you will be unable to get a vehicle around the back edge, even the council mower had problems getting round, I walk round daily with my dog. Have you arranged any event parking this year to save people parking on the grass at the bottom of dean road and causing damage to the drainage system underneath, also to stop the cars parking on the clearway beyond the village signs, something hopefully has been arranged as parking in the village is very difficult already.

  • Stephen Dashfield

    Thank you for your comments, they have been noted. The small committee of volunteers are working hard to ensure a great day for the families of our village and surrounding area in very challenging circumstances.

  • Julie Brown

    We are lucky as a village to have so many people who have gone out of their way to try to put on a carnival for us. Not many places have carnivals anymore because they are such hard work to organise, never mind the British weather. Thank you to all the volunteers who have had such a challenge this year. Let’s hope the rain stops before 1pm.

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